Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ “the next best thing to fruits and vegetables”

Juice Plus+ is a company with a vision and mission- “Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World”. The JP+ company and products have been around for 25 years. We strive for the best, most researched and purest products that will enhance your body’s ability to be healthy every day by flooding the body with vital micronutrients from fruits, vegetables and berries. These micronutrients are bioavailable to the body, going directly to work in the bloodstream and into the cells. Increased health will be felt as better energy, better skin, nails and hair, improved sleep and focus, less pain and inflammation as well as protection of DNA and improved cardiac health and circulation, gum health and greater overall health in adults and children. Juice Plus+ has 36 gold standard research studies from the top institutions to date. Certified for purity by the NSF.

We are also proud to present Juice Plus+ Capsules, Chewables, Omega Blend (vegan), Complete shakes, Complete snack bars and our popular aeroponic gardening Tower Gardens(no soil, no weeds, 90% less water and land used, Tower to Table fresh produce/fruit/flowers)!

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